Week 2 Day care activities

After a busy first week of the new school semester, we are back with our blog update!

The Day Care children have been learning how to count from 1 – 20 through songs with movements. We are also tracing the numbers 0-5 and learning how to hold a pencil properly (‘TRIPOD GRIP’). All the children are so excited and doing very well at trying to hold and control the pencil to follow the shape of the numbers and also some letters. We started tracing capital letter A and B this week and are singing along to PHONICS songs. Phonic songs introduces children to the sound of each letter and helps them become more ready for reading later on.  I will include the video links for the songs we have been listening to / watching in class at the bottom of this post.

We started a new topic today about homes. We looked at pictures of a few types of homes: House, Condo, Igloo, Tipi, Mud house.

Please be reminded that our Parents-Teachers meeting is on this Saturday the 27th of May from 1:30 – 3:30 P.M. Hope everyone can make it.  Please call the front office to confirm that you will be attending.

And here are the cute photos as always!

Links for songs:



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