Our 5 Senses activity

Today the day care children explored their sense of touch by feeling what’s inside a sock. As they put their hand into the sock and feel the objects inside, they made funny, curious faces trying to figure out what it is.  We filled the sock each time with something different:  red kidney beans, cotton wool, small stones, leaves, twigs,  small plastic wolf figure.

We also explored our sense of hearing by listening to the sounds of many things, such as: a bus, a cow, rain, soda drink fizzing, chicken, a train, a police car siren, a door opening, sheep, ducks.  The children listened very carefully and were able to guess some of the sounds they heard.

They had fun using their hands and ears today and learned some new words.

Vocabulary used in this activity:  red beans,   cotton,   leaves,   stones,    twig,  wolf,   I hear,  bus,  cow,  rain,  soda drink,  chicken,  train,  police car,  door,  sheep,  duck.  


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